About Yarsa Host

Yarsa Host is an initiative of Yarsa Labs to offer free web hosting to all Dot NP ccTLD domain names. Apart from simply hosting your website, we help you actually to get online without any fees. Building a simple website for a personal portfolio or a simple online catalog for a small business should not be more challenging than creating a page on a social media.

Web Hosting

We provide free web hosting to all eligible websites with a .NP ccTLD domain.


Technical Support

We help individuals who don't know a lot about the web to make the best out of our service.


Website Maintenance

We help people setting up their websites and provide on-going support to keep their websites running.


Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?
Yes, it is. For the time being, we will provide free hosting to all eligible websites. We have no plans to charge for this service.
Who is it for?
Our target users are students, small business owners and hobbyists who want to host personal projects and small websites.
Why is it free?
It's free because we want to give a helping hand in the efforts of people trying to digitize Nepal. We hope our services will be useful at least a few people.
How is it free?
It is free because we are paying the webserver and bandwidth costs and sharing it with our users for free. Web hosting is not a source of our revenue.
How long will it be free?
We will provide the service as long as we can cover costs. If we planned to stop providing this service, first we will stop adding new users. Then we will give our users at least a few months to migrate away from us.
Why don't you provide unlimited hosting?
Because unlimited hosting is a myth. Even if some web hosting companies claim that they provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it is technically impossible. Our offers are generous and are usually enough for small websites.
Are there any limitations?
Yes, apart from the disk space and monthly bandwidth limit, there is a limit on the number emails you can send in an hour. If you need to send 1000s of email daily, you can use an external email service.
Can I host my client's website?
Yes, you can host any website as long as it has a .NP extension. You you need to host additional domains, let us know. We will add the domains to your account. After that, you can manage multiple domains from your account.
Do you have any paid plans?
No, we don't have any paid plans, and we have no plans to introduce any paid plans in the future. We are not a web hosting company. We will continue to offer free web hosting to .NP domains only.
If I'm not paying, am I the product?
No, you are not. You're our web hosting customer just like you're a domain name customer of Mercantile Communication. There are not hidden agenda, fees, ads, tracking, or any nasty business logic to monetize from this service.

Use Cases

Yarsa Host is best suited for low-traffic websites with little content. While there is no difference in the quality of service we provide, it's still free and limited service.

Personal Website or Blog

You can easily host your personal website, portfolio or a blog on Yarsa Host. A simple WordPress website should be enough for you.

College Projects

If you are looking for a place to host files for your college project or testing an API, Yarsa Host is a great alternative.

Online Shop

Selling online is quite easy if you have your own website. With Yarsa Host, you can set up your online store within minutes.

Communities, Events, Causes

Host your events online, create discussion forums and more with one-click access to dozens of open source software.

Schools & Colleges

We welcome Community schools and colleges to set up their web presence, and offer on-site help if needed.

Non-profit & Local Bodies

Every rupee you save goes for a good cause, so we mostly recommend our service to non-profit organizations.

Professional Email

Host a handful of personalized mailboxes like contact@, info@, sales@, hello@, etc., for your website for free.

Mobile App Backend

Developing a mobile app, and need a place to host the custom backend logic? We provide Node.js, Ruby and PHP hosting.
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We are empowering everyone from an indie developer to a small business owner to build their presence in the online world. We believe that initiatives like these are essential for the growth of Nepal's digital economy.

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