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Yarsa Host offers a free website design and development service for people who do not have the required knowledge to design a website but still want to build a website. This service is reserved for professional individuals like artists, photographers, musicians, activists, and some small businesses. Our services are not intended for people who already know about the web and for web developers building websites for their clients. We only offer our services directly to the owner of the domain name, not their contractors.

What's Included

While we do not charge any monthly or yearly fee to maintain such a website, this service is limited to designing small websites with few pages. We also offer free training resources so the website owners can modify their website at their will.

  • Migrating your existing website to Yarsa Host
  • Basic website development with custom design
  • Basic e-commerce website set up and customization
  • Email mailbox setup with custom address
  • Basic training about web, domains, hosting and email
  • Basic training about account and website security
  • Training resources about adding new pages, content or photos
  • Training resources about modifying pages, content or photos
  • Training resources about getting support in case of problems

What's not Included

Our services may not include everything you need from your website. Here are some of the examples of what Yarsa Host does not offer.

  • Brand design, graphics design, logo, letterhead, invoices or stamp design
  • Online ad campaigns, social media page "boosting," and page management
  • Designing website for the clients of web development companies
  • Product photography, content writing, editing and moderation
  • Support for the customers or visitors of the website owners
  • Legal advice, custom data access rules, and any other compliance system

How to Apply

If you have not applied for a web hosting account before, indicate that you need this service in your web hosting request application. If you already have a web hosting account but need some help setting up your website or email, please open a support ticket so we can help you with it.  Remember, this service is offered as a courtesy by us and will be provided upon the sole discretion of  Yarsa Host. If you are not satisfied with our offering and need custom solutions, we will guide you to appropriate resources.


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