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This page explains the Copyright Infringement Policy the Yarsa Host platform.

Copyright Infringement Policy

We don't allow violation or infringement of anyone's rights, including copyright, trademarks, and patents rights using our platform. This document explains how we handle notices we receive when someone reports infringement of their rights using our services.

Where to Report

Please use this form to report abuse or submit a legal notice against infringing content hosted on our service. When we receive a complaint from a third-party who believes that the content hosted on our service violates their rights, it might take up to 7 days from receiving the request to taking the content down. If we need more information to ensure the notice is sent on good faith, we may contact the reporting party.

The Proceeding

  1. If we decide to take down the allegedly infringing content, we will notify the reporting party of the take-down by email. We also send a take-down notice to the customer by email, with the copy of such a request attached. The email also includes the name and contact information of the reporting party.
  2. The customer can submit an appeal to reinstate the content if they believe their content does not violate the said rights. By sending an appeal to reinstate the content, the customer agrees that their response is legally binding.
  3. As soon as we receive a counter-notice, we review the counter-notice and notify the reporting party that we have received a counter-notice, by email.
  4. We will reinstate the content after 14 days of sending a notification of counter-notice to the reporting party. If the reporting party fails to respond for 14 days the content will be reinstated. We will notify both the customer, and the reporting party that we reinstated the content.
  5. If the reporting party responds with a copy of a police complaint against the infringing customer, or an evidence of seeking court's order to take-down the said content, we do not reinstate until the legal proceeding is not complete.
  6. After the result of the legal proceeding arrives, either party can submit a request to permanently suspend the infringing content, or reinstate it, by providing a copy of the result of the legal proceeding. Acceptable documents include a mutual agreement duly signed by the customer and the reporting party, the court's order, or a letter from a government office.
  7. After reviewing the document, we either reinstate the content or permanently suspend it.
  8. If a customer repeatedly infringes the rights of a third-party we permanently close their account and suspend all content created using¬ the account.

About Cached Content

Even after the content is taken down from our service, it may appear in search results or cached pages of third-party services. In such cases, you reach out directly to the concerned third-party service.