Terms & Policies

This page explains the Terms of Service the Yarsa Host platform.

Terms of Service

Yarsa Host is a service of Yarsa Labs. To use the Yarsa Host services, you must read and agree to the Yarsa Labs Terms of Service. The following additional terms apply specifically to the customers of the Yarsa Host service. You should not use the Yarsa Host service if you do not agree to any of these terms.

Extended Terms

  • You must be a lawful resident of Nepal holding Nepalese citizenship or a Nepalese passport to use the Yarsa Host service.
  • Yarsa Labs is providing the Service for free. There is no monetary value of the service, and the service does not involve any financial transaction between you and the Company.
  • In case a term conflicts with the laws of Nepal, the law supersedes the conflicting point, while the rest of the terms stay intact.
  • As a customer of Yarsa Host, you agree to hold Yarsa Host free of any liability that may arise due to your use of our services or the content hosted by you.

Prohibited Uses

  • You must not use the service illegally. Examples of illegal use include distributing illicit or controlled substances, weapons, spreading misinformation, or creating chaos or violence.
  • You must not use the services to spread malware or host content that you do not have the right to re-distribute. Examples include pirated software, unlicensed documents, harmful software, illegally downloaded music, or someone else's private photo, audio, or video.
  • You must not use this service to violate any third-party's rights, such as patents, trademarks, or copyrights. You cannot hold Yarsa Host liable for the losses you incur by indulging in violation of a third-party's rights.
  • You must not use the service to cause harm to any person, business or organization, government body, or their properties. Examples include bullying and harassment.
  • You must not use our service for testing, accessing or intruding into a third party's equipment such as a computer or network without their permission. Examples include penetration testing, DOS attacks, etc.
  • You must not use our service to circumvent the measures taken by Yarsa Labs, or a third party to protect their intellectual property, computer systems, network, or confidential information.
  • You must not use our service to gain access to the computer systems, network or content that would otherwise require payment or substantial effort to bypass the security measures. Examples include VPN, Torrents or Tor network services.
  • You must not use our services to create, upload, share, or publish anything deemed illegal by the law of Nepal.
  • You must not attempt to disrupt the Yarsa Host service or the customers in any way.